Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wow! It's been like forever since I have posted anything new. So much has happened and changed. I am still sewing though not making costumes for the dance studio anymore. I miss it so much, but decided to go back to school to study fashion/ costume design. Two classes a semester, two kids, and a full time job keep me very busy. Just to update I will post final project from each of the classes I have completed. Then maybe start to add more recent sewing and drawing projects as I finish them.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Andrea's New Sun Dress

Andrea started working on this dress in May. She wanted to make it all by herself. Andrea picked out the pattern and fabric and all the notions needed to complete her project.She cut out each pattern piece. I helped her lay out the pattern pieces on the fabric and she pinned each piece then cut it out. Andrea asked a couple of times for help when she got tired. It took a month of working on it here and there just to finish cutting the pattern.

In June as school was ending Andrea started to sew the pieces together. She ran into a little trouble with the bottom. It was suppose to be orange like the top part, but a miss-cut lead to not enough of the orange fabric. We went to the store to get more only that color was gone. So Andrea choose the green instead.

The flower- Had to have the flower of course.

Andrea finished it today .I think it came out great! Andrea made 95% of this dress. I helped with the flower and I sewed in the zipper. She hoped to have it for a summer sundress. She'll have to settle for wearing it to school with a sweater over it. I hope that she will attempt to make the matching jacket. Time will tell.
Andrea age 8 1/2 (can't forget the 1/2 though, She'll be 9 in a month)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Time Warp

Andrea did a tap dance to Time Warp ( chipmunk style) for her dance recital. she had to wear a crazy costume. I loved this photo It looks so Time warped!Andrea picked out the fabric. Metalic blue, lime green with black polka dots and white mesh. I put it together. Leotard , skirt and hair tie.Micky, Ricky, and Enrique- I made the short, suspenders and bowties.

Plaid is hard to work with because you have to match it up. I did an awsome job. Nana would be so proud.
Plaid shorts front (have had to make alterations to these shorts recently because the girl the button is off center)

Plaid shorts back (I love the way the plaids match in the back)

Plaid shorts back close up (look at those lines)
Plaid shorts side
Plaid shorts side close up (almost perfect)


Not 1, not 2, but 5 grinches. The girls wearing them did not like them. Mandy did though. A face only a mother could love.
1: Don't poke Japanese exchange students hand while sewing fuzzy fabric to gloves. She is happy to help you should be nice in return.
2: Remove all pins from fuzzy fabric gloves before giving them to student to wear.

Alice in Wonderland

Several years ago Studio 109 did a production of Alice inWonderland. I made most of the costumes. below are a few.

Mad Hatter, March Hare, and Dormouse (thant one is Andrea)

Catipillar. Terrific costume when done. Hard to make. Sucks to fix when ripped because it was difficult to repair. Worse when I had to alter the mushroom part so it could be used in a dance number a year later.

Ta- Da!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Drawings- Art Instruction School

Before being accepted into this course I had to sit and draw 3 picture for 20 minutes each because I had not drawn in so long. Here are 2 of them.

Flowers drying in our living room.

Faith laying on the couch.

During this course I was suppose to read the book, do the practice assignments and then the assignment to turn in. I usually did not complete the practice (Here are two that I did do)

Love this one! This is the shoe I wore to my sister Sam's wedding. I liked it so much I drew it for an assignment.

Portrait- no one I know just the assignment.

Full body


Fashion drawing

Folded fabric

Glamour girl


Broken Heart

Below are the drawings for my final graded portfolio.
Lettering for business card. Space open on left for picture.

Picture for left of business card.

Faith on a windy day at the USS Constitution in Boston, MA. I love the wild hair.
Coffee maker- My least favorite of the assignment. but it turned out great at the end.

Rainy dog- He passed away this year so it seemed only fitting to use a "my choice " to tribute a terrific friend.

I want to go into fashion design so this was another "my choice" copied from a sewing magazine picture.

Old Drawings- Between the Years

In the non school years I seem to have taken to drawing my oldest daughter Faith.

there has been acrylic Faith.

Charcoal crawling Faith.

Charcoal Portrait Faith.

Crayon Faith

Charcoal first day of preschool Faith .

I still have not figured out how to turn the photos horizontal. If anyone can help please comment.

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